She Sits Alone and Thinks

She Sits Alone and Thinks

Day 16 of 30 Days of Poetry

Here we are, on the homeward leg. Past the halfway point now and heading to the finish line. I’m enjoying this writing prompt I came up with very much. Who knows what December might bring: keep an eye out!

A single poppy, flat as if it has been pressed and preserved, lying across a neutral background
She sits alone and thinks of days
Old voices echo in her ears
While feelings light upon her face
Then fall among the dust of years

She sits alone and thinks of one
An empty space within her heart
Reminds her of a time far gone
A promise that was torn apart

She sits alone and thinks of now
Of all that she's seen come to pass
Of when she used to dream of how
Her beau would come back to his lass

She sits alone and thinks of him
The news that broke confirmed her fears
That fate would snatch him on a whim
Her smile is brittle through her tears
Familiar Fields

Familiar Fields

Day 6 of 30 Days of Poetry

A view across a field of ripe barley bordered by woodland under a blue sky with wispy clouds
I gaze over familiar fields
With eyes focused on the past,
And if I turn my head just so
I know I'll catch a glimpse
Of those I thought lost.

In that fleeting instant,
Magical space between moments
Where past and present mingle,
The lost are found once more
And I can feel complete.