Love At The End Of Fear

Love At The End Of Fear

This is a post for the Love Not Fear flashblog in support of Boycott Autism Speaks.

Once-perfect child, my greatest hope,
Now tainted by a doctor’s word.
My happy dream gone up in smoke,
Autistic ashes, fear conferred.

My knowledge of my daughter’s plight,
My fear, uncertainty and doubts,
Were nourished by a Googled site:
Autism Speaks — or is it Shouts?

Each day I counted up the cost
And watched as cracks spread through our lives.
The daily stress now she was lost:
Our family fighting to survive.

Until the day I heard a voice
That sang me such a diff’rent song.
It taught me that I had a choice,
And what I thought I knew was wrong.

With positive examples found
Of how my child could think and feel,
I knew a moment so profound,
I knew our fear-born wounds would heal.

With hope rekindled in my heart,
The daughter that I hold so dear
Turned out to be both brave and smart.
Our bond is built on love, not fear.