You Can Hide But You Can’t Run

You Can Hide But You Can’t Run




You tune it out and turn away
You’re sure that it’ll keep a day
It really doesn’t seem that bad
Can’t let it spoil the plans you had

You could strike while the iron is hot
But nah, the problem’s soon forgot
There’s better ways to spend your time
Than worrying: you think it’s fine

You say you’d fix it if you could
Well, patch it up, not make it good
It’s hard to quash that nagging doubt
You’re not as skilled as you make out

Prevaricate as problems grow
You just sink deeper, act too slow
While all the time the waters rise
How could this come as a surprise?

The currents swirl, the waves they rip
You try to run but only trip
You left your head down in the sand
Too long. Let others make a stand

Relied on them to fight your wars
Then you’d emerge to take applause
They didn’t win, those stalwart few
Their ranks were missing folks like you

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