Roots plumb the abyss
Seeking solid anchorage:
World drifts as I sit.

The poem below describes my feelings, feelings I’ve had since that day in June 2016 when my place in the world was involuntarily taken from me. I learned then, and every day since, that I don’t belong anywhere. I used to live on a piece of Europe: that was my state, my home. But that was stolen from beneath my feet and although I still stand in this same location it is no longer the same place, no longer my home. I am a stateless person.

Please stop the world! the woman cries,
It moves so fast it hurts my eyes.
I wish just once things could stand still
The constant motion makes me ill.

I used to think my world would last
A thread would run back to my past
So I could always find my home
And never have to feel alone.

I know I didn’t go away
The land itself has gone astray
Departed for some other place
And left me standing lost in space.

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