Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Only a day late for the third and final part after being nominated for this challenge by FeministAspie.

The rules of the challenge are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Publish a quote on 3 consecutive days on your blog. The quote can be one of your own, from a book, movie, or from anyone who inspires you.
  • Nominate 3 more bloggers each day to carry on this endeavor.

“Love is a small word, but allow yourself to be consumed by the sensation and the world becomes a place of infinite possibility.” — Emma Zurcher-Long, I Am Emma – Emma’s Hope Book

This is a beautiful quote, and I feel the choice of words perfectly sums up the feeling. Love absolutely is consuming. Like fire it appears alive in the way it possesses you, drives you. It’s no accident that people write of “burning love”, calling it “all-consuming”.

What begins as a spark can quickly grow, rising beyond control to take you over. It colors everything you see or hear, forces its beat onto the rhythms of your life. There is immense power in love.

Harnessing that power, riding it, you find that it carries you far beyond what you ever thought possible. It creates opportunity, opens doors, keeps you moving forward even in the face of seemingly-insurmountable obstacles.

Learning to love yourself gives confidence; it gives you strength to push and expand your limits. It lets you view failures along the way as temporary setbacks rather than calamities, and takes the sting from what would otherwise be hurtful remarks from other people.

Love grows from sharing. Showing love to others lifts them and you both. Your own love gains strength, multiplying exponentially with each touch.