An Unexpected Result

An Unexpected Result

I received a letter at the beginning of February. It was a copy of one sent by the Gender Clinic to my doctor and stated that the blood tests performed following my appointment there last December showed that I had low vitamin D. For the past week I have been taking a prescription supplement (calciferol).

I didn’t expect any rapid changes, but I’ve been most pleasantly surprised to find that my energy levels are much improved and my muscle pains and stiffness have all but gone. A bonus of feeling better physically is that my mood has also lifted: I’d been feeling down more frequently than usual.

The main cause of this deficiency is that, especially at this time of year, I do not venture out of doors very often. This means that I have very little exposure to sunlight which is the main way that the body produces vitamin D. I guess I’ve no excuse now for avoiding the chores in the garden once the weather improves sufficiently!

2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Result

  1. Good of them to report that 🙂
    My doctor once said that just about everyone has a vitamin D deficiency, we all don’t go outdoors often enough, especially in winter. Good to hear that it has such immediate effects, I should pay some attention to this as well.

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  2. I take a vitamin D supplement starting around October through whenever I get around to starting the outdoor gardens, and it really helps. Seattle doesn’t have a lot of sun in the winter, even for those who are not stuck at their desks.


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