Effing the Ineffable

Effing the Ineffable

Prose and verse have pros and cons.

Pros might con, but so might amateurs.

In sports, amateurs were “gentlemen”, but not the gentle sex.

Especially boxers. “Seconds out”; ten seconds and out for the count.

(Small ‘c’.) Not the Count. You can count on that.

Depend on it. Hang on my every pendulous word.

Listen up for the low down. It’s no good.

No good is bad, but some goods are bad.

Fair trade, free trade, don’t get betrayed.

Trays are innocuous, but what if you’re on the shelf?

Taking a back seat. Taking offence (not a fence).

Fencing? Verbal sparring. Words as weapons.

The pen mightier than the sword.

According to the pen…

(The cob declined to comment and swanned off.)

(He’s a nut if you ask me.)