Getting To Know Me

Getting To Know Me

I read this post by Tric Kearney this morning and thought it was a great idea, so here’s my list of random facts about myself.

  1. I was adopted a few weeks after birth by the couple who raised me. I know next to nothing about my natal parents except that my mother was 15. I have never been interested in discovering more.
  2. I never drink tea or coffee. I find tea insipid and dislike the smell of coffee. But my wife says that I make the best cups of tea — better than hers.
  3. In every place I’ve lived I have been able to see trees from my bedroom window. I love trees!
  4. I was in my mid-20s before I ever watched a game of soccer. This is unusual in England.
  5. I have two scars on my right elbow where my younger brother bit me aged 4.
  6. When I changed my name I chose my mother’s name, Maureen, to replace my former middle name, James. That is my father’s name.
  7. In 1990 I was entered by my school into the British Physics Olympiad, a national competition. I made the finals which were held at Harrow School and placed in the top 10, but not high enough to be selected for the national team.
  8. My brother and I, along with a friend, once babysat the young son of former England rugby captain Bill Beaumont during a match at Waterloo Rugby Club.
  9. I had a letter published in the Sunday Telegraph when I was aged 12. (It was a response to a letter about blasphemy laws by a bishop in the previous week’s paper.)
  10. I own 8 dresses, which is 8 more than my wife.
  11. I do not own a single item of clothing that features a visible brand name. (I can’t stand that!)
  12. My all time favourite food is spaghetti bolognese, and Italian is my favourite type of food.
  13. I am ambivalent towards Marmite.
  14. Despite working as a programmer I do not own a computer, and in fact have never even bought one. (I’m not counting my smartphone as a computer although it is one. My list, my rules!)
  15. I first used the internet before the World Wide Web existed. (usenet)
  16. I have not had a passport since my last one expired several years ago.

It was fun putting this list together and I hope you, my readers, find it interesting.

14 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me

  1. It most certainly was very interesting, thank you!
    I love trees too, and my laptop is my best friend – I suppose a smartphone would do, but it would definitely have to be a huge upgrade from my Blackberry!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I was a little disingenuous because there is a laptop at home, but it’s borrowed. Belongs to somebody I’ve been writing an application for, but I use it quite often for Netflix and social media. I’m rather attached to my Android phone (HTC One) and even use it for making calls occasionally. 😉

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      1. My BB is my closest friend though, as it accompanies me even in the garden, where it becomes camera, timer, blog reader, messenger and much more, other than phone! I still botch every call I (seldom) get because I cannot figure out quickly enough which button to use 🙂

        Borrowing is just not the same – it usually has to go back!
        I guess you don’t work from home then!


        1. Nope. I’ve a desk in an office with a rather nice, powerful PC and 2 HD screens where I do my paid software development work. I’m sat there right now! (Shhh! 😉 )

          I keep thinking about buying my own laptop, but there’s always more important things such as food and clothes!

          I’ve never used a BB (or an iPhone for that matter). Chose mine because it’s got a 4.7″ screen and I can watch Netflix on it. Oh, and it actually cost less each month on contract when I upgraded from my previous model.


          1. Rather difficult to match that at home me thinks 🙂
            I need my laptop for art, and a bit of Dreamweaver WYSIWYG web design, but I do prefer a proper keyboard for everything else too.

            BB’s are our cheapest option here… but when I win the lottery… 🙂


            1. I have to agree that a proper keyboard is much better for any amount of typing. By which I mean anything longer than a SMS or tweet. The virtual keyboard under Android is pretty good as these things go, but having to switch modes for upper/lower case, numerals and symbols rather than simply using a modifier key (shift, alt, etc.) gets awkward real fast.

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      1. I’m actually learning to like dresses again. I spent 6 years in Catholic school having to wear skirts every day and I think I had some gender dysphoria around that. I’m finally coming to place of reconciling that a dress and a crewcut can go just fine together. 🙂


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