Thank You, My Friends

Thank You, My Friends

      There              are so
  many    people   I have      come
to know since I started blogging, and
I want to express  how much they have
enriched my life. The sense of family
 I feel within this online community
  gives me strength. Acceptance and
   love are the greatest gifts one
    person can provide to another
      in this world. Through the
       medium  of our words we
         connect and come to
           understand that
             we are never

4 thoughts on “Thank You, My Friends

  1. So glad to hear that the love and support of the online community are such a positive influence in your life! Please know that the compassion, honesty and vulnerability evident in your posts have enriched my life in much the same way, as I’m sure others would attest. So thanks back at ya. You rock!


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