8 thoughts on “I See Her Sometimes

  1. Alex, this is incredibly beautiful and almost heartbreaking that you have to wait to see her there outwardly all the time when she is inside you all the time. The time will come. Blessings and friendship, Bird


  2. It suddenly occurs to me this is true of any self-image even unrelated to gender, but definitely, for me, related to physical appearance. How many times have I spotted my reflection for real, and each time, with a shock, known for sure that she looking back at me sees only ugly! I despair of a day where she will see only me!
    I hope with all my heart YOUR day has come or will very soon – you SO deserve it!xx


    1. Thank you — that is most kind. xx

      A similar thought occurred to me too. My wife had extensive facial reconstruction following a serious assault many years ago and has never come to terms with the differences in her appearance. She describes herself as ugly and hates to look in mirrors. I believe there are parallels between gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia.


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