Tired mind so full of thoughts;
Flock of birds come nesting.
Noise and turmoil will not stop
Though I should be resting.

Round and round and round they go,
No end to them in sight.
Like a hamster on a wheel
They run and run all night.

Here I lie awake in bed,
I’m done with counting sheep.
Wishing that my mind was still,
So desperate for sleep.

8 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. I only recently discovered your blog, and have been working my way through many of your posts that are very powerful. This poem, in it’s beautiful simplicity, describes so well my fairly-frequent experiences with insomnia. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all!


  2. Insomnia sucks. I have been trying to memorize little songs and poems, in order for me to not start hyperventilating when I lie awake.

    I’m sorry, but my mind immediately went to Marvin in Life, the Universe and Everything, hope you don’t mind 😉

    Now the world has gone to bed
    Darkness won’t engulf my head
    I can see by infra-red
    How I hate the night.

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    Try to count electric sheep
    Sweet dream wishes you can keep
    How I hate the night.

    Found text on this link:


  3. Wonderfully written. I have been battling insomnia myself for over a week now. It comes in cycles. Very difficult to function and think, not to mention I’m getting very short tempered and making terrible mistakes. Just the other day I grabbed the wrong end of a razor blade and sliced through my fingers while working on a project. Things like that, never mind driving. That’s too scary for me to even consider right now. Hope you are finally getting some sleep again. Bright blessings, Bird


    1. Thank you. Mine is largely caused by both depression and the meds I’m taking. It takes time for the effects to settle down. Until then I’m finding it difficult. Either too little sleep or too much: even fell asleep at my desk earlier this week, which I have never done before!

      Oh my! Grabbing the wrong end off a razor makes me shudder. Ouch! Hope you come out of your cycle soon: certainly don’t need accidents like that. Wishing you well, Ben.


  4. bjforshaw, you are so wise. I am working with a kiddo (ASD) now who is struggling with falling asleep. Maybe I’ll share your poem with him. Thx again


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