Bad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen

Sometimes something happens that threatens to break the natural feeling of trust I have in people. I’ve been accused of being in a world of my own half the time, of being naive and not “street-wise” (whatever that means — I’ve always struggled to picture the proper meaning of that expression). But I value my innocence, my trusting nature. I cherish the hope I carry that there is good in people and I’m rarely disappointed. I try to treat people with courtesy and respect… but there are some people out there in the world who do intentional harm to others — take advantage of that innocent trust — and that causes me pain. Pain because people I care about get hurt. Pain because the world is not as I believe it ought to be. Pain because my trust is injured.

I wrote this on that theme: it’s about the damage done to innocence when bad things happen; it’s about the impotence felt when the wrong can’t be made right. It’s… a faint cry in the dark, soon swallowed by the night and forgotten.

There are times when the world is right,
When the skies are so blue and bright,
And there’s never a cloud in sight.

There’s no danger to make us hide,
No dread terrors to force eyes wide,
And no evil… oh, but I lied.

The righteous bow before might,
The sword will determine who’s right
As they lead us out of the light.

Tell your children, the herald cried,
The hands of the good have been tied,
Flame of hope in my heart has died.