Devious Complication

Devious Complication

A simple soul is what I am,
A simple life I lead.
But other people complicate
Their ev’ry thought and deed.

I fail to see the point of this:
Why skirt round what you mean?
By coming to the point head-on
Intent is plainly seen.

Let others play their petty games.
I’ll stay just how I am.
Taking in the words they speak,
Ignoring hidden plans.

Because I’m just a simple soul,
I fail to see beneath
The surface of banality
That hides the claws and teeth.

Agendas hidden from my sight,
Though seen by other eyes,
Ultimately come to light
And take me by surprise.

I find it hard to understand
So devious a mind:
Manipulate for one’s own ends,
So selfish and unkind.

I’m happy as this simple man,
Content to take no part
In playing games with people’s lives
That end with broken hearts.

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