The Last Rose

The Last Rose

Winter is upon the land
And yet outside my window,
Shielded by some unseen hand,
One rose continues to grow.

Single bud encased in green
That hides its wine-dark crimson.
Summer beauty might be seen
So late against all reason.

Barren branches all around,
Grass laid flat by heavy dew.
Perfect bloom can now be found,
The best kept back just for you.

Until at last nature calls
Time; it’s heard without a sound.
One by one each petal falls
To wither upon the ground.

2 thoughts on “The Last Rose

  1. I wish I had the words for what this poem makes me feel so deeply. It is far more beautiful than I can say and yet brings tears to my eyes. I am reminded a bit of the poem: "A Yellow Pansy" by Helen Gray Cone. It's one of my favorites.


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