Dead Washing Machine And Thanksgiving

Dead Washing Machine And Thanksgiving

My wife and I’s ordeal with our washing machine is (hopefully) nearing its conclusion. After numerous phone calls and repeated engineer call-outs it has finally been written off and we’re going to get a new one. From a different manufacturer. We’ve been without it for nearly two weeks now and don’t we know it – hand washing is hard work. There is a laundrette locally but I can’t use it – the unfamiliar environment and people cause me too much anxiety. And my wife’s not physically able to get there. So we’re stuck in the laundry equivalent of the dark ages!

It’s not until they go wrong that you realise how much you rely on these machines: washing machine, dryer, cooker, freezer. How on earth did people manage before they had them? No wonder a whole day used to be set aside for doing the laundry.

And then there’s the hassle of getting replacements. At least the internet saves having to physically travel round a bunch of stores to compare models and brands. But you still need to use the phone when it’s an insurance- or warranty-related problem, so it ends up being extremely stressful and exhausting. Not to mention time-consuming: I’ve spent a total of about an hour on the phone over the past couple of days – including the time holding in a queue before I even got to speak to a person. That’s a ridiculous amount of time to sort out a fairly straightforward problem.

Anyway at least we’re now going to be getting a shiny new machine, so this story has a happy ending – a cause for celebration… and speaking of celebration, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there!

2 thoughts on “Dead Washing Machine And Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving Wishes for all of us here in America, Ben! We're about ready to sit down to our feast in a little while but I needed to take a break and rest for a bit having been in the kitchen working with Mom. I can actually say I know what you're going through with the washer. Earlier this summer a belt broke on ours and my husband had to spend two days searching for one Online (they no longer make the model of our washer and no longer make the belt for it so he had to research several different types of machines before he found one that had a belt that would fit ours) and then we had to wait for 5 days to get it. I was washing everything in buckets in the bathtub so as to avoid a huge mess in the kitchen. Totally back aching work. I was so happy to have that belt replaced.I hope you get your new washer soon. I understand not going to the laundry mat, I will not do that either. I'm too afraid of having sensory overload and a panic attack. The phone thing is crazy. Now a days you spend more time holding and pressing buttons trying to find the right department then you do actually getting anything done, no matter how simple it is.I hope today is a better day for you and your wife. All the best,Bird


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