Night In The Woods

Night In The Woods

The world is seen in black and white
By the harvest moon’s silver light.
No clouds above to block the sight
Of stars that shine down through this night.

Tonight the woods are picture-still:
No creature stirs, no sound to fill
My ears. This endless moment will
A sense of utter calm instil.

I walk along the path that wends
Between the trees; it weaves and bends,
Rising quickly my course ascends
Until atop the hill it ends.

In front of me a ring of stone,
Ages old, creators unknown.
A place of power – druids’ throne
With secrets never to be shown.

I see the circle as a gate
Whose opening I shall await,
Then I’ll receive a gift from Fate:
My mind at peace, immaculate.

Too Much On My Mind

Too Much On My Mind

      there are too many thoughts
      running round and round
      inside my head.

      I feel so anxious
      I find it hard to focus
      on the task in front of me.

      I get exhausted by the effort
      of forcing my conscious thoughts
      through the noise.

      I just want to close the curtains,
      switch off the lights
      and lock the door.

      my spinning thoughts slow down
      to a manageable speed
      and my mind becomes quiet.