Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

Autumn nights bring darkness
To match what’s in my mind:
Green and gold of daytime
Replaced by shades of grey.
Warmth has left my life now,
And in its place the chill
Of winter’s icy fingers
Creeps slowly to my heart.

Both blessing and a curse:
This syndrome that I have
Has given me so much
But at a fearsome cost.
Feeling strong emotions,
Far more than I can take,
Yet little ever shows:
My surface is opaque.

You assume I’m heartless,
As if I’m made of stone,
But underneath my mask
Like you I’m flesh and bone.
So when I’m pricked I bleed,
You tickle me; I laugh.
But I don’t seek revenge;
I want no pound of flesh.

I want a peaceful life,
A shelter from the storm
That blows outside the door:
I need you; let me in.
I’m out there in the dark,
Just watching for the light
With which you beckon me
Back home through fearful night.

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