Fear Is…

Fear Is…

Fear is a black dragon
Hunting through the night sky.
Eyes glowing like hot coals,
It seeks my hiding place.

Fear is a frozen waste
Where ice needles pierce me.
There is no warm relief,
Only this burning cold.

Fear is familiar:
Frequent companion,
I know its aura well.
I try to run away.

Fear is a pallid ghost
Haunting rooms in my mind.
Never quite clearly seen,
Skirting the edge of sight.

Fear is my enemy,
Waiting to ambush me.
Lurking in dark corners,
It waits for me to come.

Fear is invincible:
I fight its claws and teeth
As it rends flesh from bone:
My weakened spirit breaks.

Fear is a chimera,
A product of my mind.
The ultimate bully,
Preying on my weakness.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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