Mystery Word

Mystery Word

My first is in apple but not found in plum,
My second’s in sibilant – sounds like that one.
My third is a vegetable, small green and round,
My fourth is a vowel, not a consonant sound.
My next is in rolling but not standing still,
While my sixth may be uttered when getting a thrill.
The next one in seven may be seen twice.
Letter five is repeated; isn’t that nice?
My whole forms the name of the doctor from Wien
And also a Syndrome that you must have seen.

One thought on “Mystery Word

  1. a|e a|b|i|l|n|s|t p a|e|i|o|u? o|r g e o|r
    Dr Asperger!
    I haven’t done one of these since I was at school, I’d forgotten all about them. Good one.


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