If This Is Empathy I Don’t Want To Play Any More

If This Is Empathy I Don’t Want To Play Any More

The petty games that people play,
A product of their playground minds.
Who’s going to be “it” today?
What target will the bullies find?

Behind your back they put you down
And to your face are nice as pie
The knives are out so gather round:
You mustn’t miss the latest lie.

It’s “Did you know what this one said?”
And “Isn’t that one so two-faced?”
Hypocrisy: “Wish she was dead!”
Then she turns up to be embraced.

With double-standards hoisted high,
Their friendliness is but a fake.
They wouldn’t care were you to die
As long as they were at your wake.

Their games are cruel; You’ve had enough
Of finding knives thrust in your back.
You don’t know why they act so tough
Perhaps to hide the heart they lack?

They put you down, these NT folk,
They may not mean to but they do.
‘Cause “Aspie empathy’s a joke!
Perceived emotion’s not for you.”

Because we can’t say how we feel
They just assume we don’t: they’re blind
To how they’ve ground us under heel.
Show me their Theory of our Minds.

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