Fun With Words

Fun With Words

I feel like having a bit of fun with words and the like…

There once was an Aspie called Ben
Who suffered depression again.
He sat and he logged in
And wrote in this blog, then
He found it more calming than Zen.

On The Edge?
Between the darkness and the light
You’ll find me on the edge of sight
Watching all your interaction:
No repulsion, nor attraction.
Trying hard to follow meaning,
Engine revving, senses gleaning
Fragmentary words: no context.
Filling gaps maintains my pretext.

Can I pass as someone normal?
Am I marked by language formal?
Stilted: it can sound old-fashioned,
Pedantry ought to be rationed.

‘Cause I’m an Aspie through-and-through;
I’m just like me – I’m not like you.

Content to live outside the box
Or inside, dodging all the knocks
Caused by lack of understanding –
NT folk are so demanding!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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